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I caught my wife having affair with my friend..I have filed divorce but still I want to take my revenge by bombarding them with spam and fraud calls , so where can I share their phone numbers to make their life hell?
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“I will hurt you for this. I don't know how yet, but give me time. A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you'll know the debt is paid.”

George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

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kartikxxx wrote:

I don't know exactly what's the case but in such cases (which is getting common these days) when husband files case for divorce on the ground of wife affair then wife ulta case daal deti hai dahej ka, usme pura pariwar lapete mai aa jata hai and phit case settlement ka paisa dena padta hai, bhot kuch ho rha hai aaj kal, kuch alag he trend chal pda hai.

+1 women have a superpower in India that is 498A- dahej pratha case. According to a survey >98% of cases under article 498A are false.

So I would suggest op to keep calm (which is very difficult in this situation) and focus on divorce case. His 6-7 years will be ruined if he gets in to this. Better talk to her calmly and ask her to divorce with mutual consent.

After divorce just move on, let  karma decide her faith.

Life is very short, op should not waste it on a dishonest person.

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It's more of a normal thing if you see around. Even most of my friends have extra marital affairs, (even incestuous ones, yes you read it right) and logic is that it brings satisfaction in their happy marriage. Although I disapprove it but I assume it's the generation disaster, whole lot of apples that has gone rotten. I don't know about woman much because I never touched one but I can still ask you to man up and bear this treachery without letting it eat you up from the inside. End the marriage gracefully and look for a better new beginning, if you again crave for any woman's embrace. Forget about revenge, it will naturally come to them, once you take off your overcast upon them. Now they are thinking that they have to fool only you and dealing easily with it. Once you take yourself out of picture, it will be them and the world ( which I know is the most cruel thing) 

Simply, move on, any thoughts you making for destroying them would eventually consume you only. Socho jab hamare pujyaniya bhagwaan log ek biwi ke saath shanti se nahin reh paaye, toh hum toh bas insaan hi hein. Socho socho!

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androgame wrote:

Bhai waise iss thread pe puchna nahi banta, but aap 'z' ki jagah 'j' kyun use karte ho. Noticed few times earlier too.

To OP- Dont mean to disregard your issue, am not capable of providing any valuable inputs here. You have my wishes for all good luck.

bhabhi z ? wink
The PostMighty The PostMighty
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Hope you do not have assets in your name. For these situations it is good to have a trust registered along with beneficiary details not including the wife of course. Maybe time consuming and cost you some amount, but can surely save your assets from being shared. Try getting a divorce with less settlement amount if things are not in control. Get a good lawyer.

Start afresh, we know it's difficult.

All the best.

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Azhar90 wrote:

Worst part is alimony neutral_face

She did everything, I had to pay half what kind of logic is this

and no one wants "uniform civil code" in this country... laws based on gender, religion.. WT..!

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