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I recently bought mi tv 5a. What specification of Stabiliser I should buy? 

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Ramushamu23 wrote:

What specification should I buy?

V-Guard Crystal Plus Smart TV Stabilizer with Digital Display for 140 cm (55") TV + Set Top Box + Home Theatre System/Gaming Console (Working Range: 90-290 VAC; 3 A)

this will work for upto 55inch tv
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bought vguard offline.

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Better buy Belkin surge protector. Stablizer takes 4-5 seconds to stablize voltage, meanwhile power surge do its work of destroying equipment 

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Ramushamu23 wrote:

It does not give any specifications of the Stabiliser? Buying a higher variant is waste of money. 

You are aware that a higher variant is a waste of money. 

It would be better if the stabilizer output rating is atleast 1.5 times the TV's peak power consumption. Matching both the numbers close would result in stabilizer work at peak output which is not goof for it's life

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You may or may not need stabiliser but if you have made ylur mind on getting one buy vguard based on the size of your tv and any other equipment you are planning to connect to stabilizer

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