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How can we reverse or skip to pay STATEMENT DB - RP FORFEIT FOR CBK OFFER charges applied by SBI CC

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Did you got both CB & Instant Discount?

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seems yes
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what is this, just curious to know?

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If one avails an offer based discount, such as 10% off during a specific offer time period, then, on some cards, specifically SBI cashback card in this case, the card's built in reward system - 5% cashback for SBI CB CC - doesn't apply. It'd have been good if the CB doesn't get credited in the first place, if the rule is enforced vigorously, but what SBI does, is it'll credit the built in 5% cashback in the next statement, but 5-6 statements later and bam!, now you're hit with the reward cashback forfeiture charge, which it'll claw back,  and you'll have to pay that amount.

For OP's original question, no way to avoid paying this.

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It's SBI Card mafia's annual hafta. Don't redeem any reward points before December.

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SBI Cards has the worst developers, how difficult is to make a robust system in place to not credit cashback in such scenarios where double dip is happening?

Also, SBI Cards is pure bullshit in this regard, they forfeit cashback after 6-8 months, like, who remembers what happened more than 6 months ago?

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