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Ordered a Sandal which arrived on time but the packing was really awful and they sent size 34 instead of 36...even after one day there was no option of return or exchange....called customer care and they very reluctantly agreed to return....though they tried their best to exchange to the available size 37...why would you take 37 if you need 36....anyways return was initiated with a promise of refund in one week. Return picked up but even after 2 weeks they are still processing my return and today sent a sugar coated mail that they are very sorry due to delay and it will take another 5 days to complete processing....cannot understand what processing is being done if item is received.

Come to the conclusion that it is going to be a long and painful shopping experience, certainly for the first and last time.

Friends if you get to read this please remember shoppersstop means stop shopping from here. Stick to your well known e-commerce sites and give this one a miss.

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