Suggest a good scooter - electric/petrol


Suggest a good scooter to me, i have never driven two wheeler before (only Car/Cycle till now).
So fancy new features i don’t have idea/might not need as well, but need something easy for first timer.
1. I live in NCR already have car and know driving, plus uber/ola are readily available here any time. Auto also not an issue.
2. Confused over electric/petrol.
As per online electric has low maintenance but battery warranty company gives of max 3 years and battery replacement costs almost half of scooter price. Also, escooter giving max 25 speed, can adjust but should be low on maintenance.
3. Daily driving would be very less. I mainly need for daily chores/vegetables/govt office visit if needed that’s it. Office will be wfh for long, and even if I go office it is max 18-20km per day.
4. I would prefer known brands only – Hero, Honda. Although TVS Jupiter, Suzuki can also try but I doubt they have good after services. Ather/Okinawa/etc would be a no no.
5. Budget not a constraint, but spending above 70K is too much I think since usage would be low, won’t give much benefit.
6. I am ok with petrol/electric either but would prefer low maintenance, and easy for a first timer. Here the low price (Hero electric) ones with max speed 25 seems to fit.

Why I am checking scooter when already car available?
1. Anyone can drive it, mom asking since long and then covid came pensive All family members have licence so anyone can use it.
2. Easy to zip through places,jams and parking also not an issue at almost any place.
3. Money not the reason, as u can see my daily driving is very very less.

Please suggest from your experience, otherwise I’ll go with ever green Activa which I see most on roads laughing
Also, tell me one thing don’t two wheeler manufacturers have a maintenance plan of theirs for 3/5 years which is normally available when purchasing car(With plan we need not pay for wear/tear parts also during servicing except plastics)

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Nothing wrong in tagging.. who knows/has suggestions will going to respond u.
Im blank about electric scooters.. but be in mind, every scooters need maintenance OR atleast it needs to be used daily without keeping it idle. As per your requirement i suggest u to go for petrol scooters since your daily riding behaviour is not high and seems it may go irregular.. (i would suggest tvs jupiter, which has more features and comfortably) bcoz electric scooters running in battery will usually create problem when it’s kept idle for a week.. which is not in the case of petrol scooters.
If u are damn sure with riding scooter daily for atleast 10-20kms means go ahead with electric scooters. (Don’t know exact market price.. but yes maintenance cost is low until battery failure, which relying on your usage and care)
Rest will be your decision.

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Honda Activa is best in gearless section , for ride comfort u can find any Activa model with front suspension/shockers .

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Thanks, is gearless specific ones. Or all activa are gearless? could not find this in specifications

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Wait for Ola electric

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Suzuki Access. More powerful than Activa and better build quality.

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+1 far superior build quality and enjoyable to drive.

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“4. I would prefer known brands only – Hero, Honda.”
Other mentioned brands are also pretty famous. Just saying. smile

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You can check electric version of bajaj Chetak, heard it’s good.

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There should be an automatic accelerator lock system at the time of stopping. which will prevent accidents

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