Suggest good quality Airtight containers for baby food storage

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Hi all

Please suggest good quality durable airtight containers to store baby food.
Ordered a few from Amazon but the quality was not satisfactory so returned
Ideally the containers should at least have 500 ml capacity
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Air tight*

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Pretty sure op meant air tight xD

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Use steel or glass

Avoid plastic at all costs

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Airtel containers? 🤔🤔

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Title edited - you sure are a motley bunch smile

Now please find my containers

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Check tupperware products

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Kaanch ka donga with good rubber lid.  I recomnd.

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Please give me some links, guys

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To anyone who stumbles upon this thread -

Bought this -

Limited-time deal: CELLO Modustack Glassy Storage Jar | Glass Jar with Lid | Air Tight Steel Lid and Stackable | For Storage of Food, Pulses, Spice, Cereals, Cookies, Dry Food | Set of 3 | 750ml, Grey

Excellent quality & does the job-----

Highly recommended

(I suck at text formatting)

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