Suggest Iphone 13 pro max covers

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Please suggest some good covers/cases/screen-guards which provide good protection from drops and are long lasting. Need for gifting 😄

I see lot of transparent silicon covers available, but do they provide drop protection? 

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ConfirmPassword wrote:

spigen is the best

pls share links as well .they have multiple covers in different price ranges. do they all provide same protection?

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Why are they so costly?

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someone pls tag iphone users. #iphone

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geni wrote:

Why are they so costly?

Using same spigen liquid crystal case for iphone x from 4 years till now, turned yellow badly but its perfect in fitting and saving my device till now from any damage.

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geni wrote:

Why are they so costly?

  • Because iPhone users can pay for premium quality.
  • Because most international brand cases are imported and are quality tested.
  • Because you will be protecting something worthwhile.

There are cheaper alternatives too if you search well, beware of damaging your costly phone in the long run though.
Cheapos: ₹165 ₹139 ₹185 ₹229 (Don’t go for these pls)


My choices for good international iphone case brands (500 rs to 4k ₹): 
(Each link below will take you to available options for 13 pro max)

* Urban Armor Gear (costly but gives ultimate protection) Amazon UAG Store

* Spigen (available in different cost brackets, quite reliable as well) Amazon Spigen Store

* Cyrill (Makes some lovely leather ones, Bought by Spigen now) Amazon Cyrill Store

* Ringke (lower costs) Amazon Ringke Store

* ESR (lower and medium ranges) Amazon ESR Store

If you can import or have sources outside India, you can get Totallee / Caudabe.

Lastly Apple cases are costly but will last and protect your iphone well and feels premium in hand.

Definitely there are loads other good ones, which I haven’t experienced, so can’t vouch for.

An advice: Steer clear of the clear/ transparent cases. most will yellow unless Apple made them (From a 1st hand experience, forget whatever they write on the product page). Rather buy some frosted ones like this or matte finish ones.

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