Suggest me a good heater for 300sq feet room. (₹10k)

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Hi guys,

Suggest me a good value for money heater to warm up room without burning oxygen for my parent’s room. I am from Patna, winter is here same like Delhi.
Till now we have used cheap heaters/blowers of orpat, bajaj brand but after using for an hour we feel suffocating. So we keep switching on off manually. But now I want to buy something different that doesn’t burn oxygen in room.

My budget is ₹10k

If anyone has used kindly reply me. Any online offer would be appreciated.

Thank you ..

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I’ve heard about winters in Patna. They are really terrible and I don’t even imagine how cold is it there. Anyway I’m not the expert in heaters but I had one wich was high-quality and I didn’t have any problems with it during 4 years. American Standard space heaters user manuals might help you to know more about heaters and their advantages/disadvantages. You can’t bui it there but you will be able to rate some of heaters models.