[Suggest] Purchasing a gearless scooter (scooty) in Pune


I'm back to Pune and will stay for a longer horizon (most probably) even though I'm still in WFH mode.

Anyway, main point of discussion is, I need a scooter and finding a decent second hand one will require a lot of effort. On OLX, I literally don't trust them, they alter spare parts and chances of being looted is high. So, for mere Rs. 10k - 20k less than current market price, I can't disturb my peace of mind. But, but, but, if you know someone selling TVS Jupiter 125 (Disc) or TVS Jupiter 125 (Disc, Smart XConnect) which hasn't run more than 5,000 kms, please do let me know, I'll be more than interested to purchase it in the price range of Rs. 80k.

So, coming to another option, buying a new one. I'm inclined towards TVS Jupiter 125 (Disc, Smart XConnect) which is the top of the line model. Why? I recently got TVS Jupiter 125 (Disc) for my sister in Bengaluru which is the second top model and is highly practical. For purchasing a scooter, I'll always get the one which is practical and ticks off majority of my needs. Big boot space was the key thing for me as in Bengaluru, helmet for pillion rider is compulsory. In Pune it's not even compulsory for the rider but I never ride without helmet, so, all the other scooters are actually out of consideration.
I do know this scooter has vibration issue which I've experienced first hand but the fact that there's no other scooter to even consider, I've no choice but to go ahead with it. It's irritating, quite irritating, something that actually won't go unnoticed and will stay for a long time to come. Infact one will get used to it is the only way to get over this fact. 
Apart from that, fuel tank is slightly on the lower side but not a dealbreaker I would say.

Also, why I'm not considering disc version and going for Smart XConnect is because since it's for me, I would be able to make the most out of that digital instrument cluster and connected tech feature. Extra Rs. 7k would be justified or not is something that can't be answered at this moment but what the heck, will take that one only.

Coming to the main point,
- Does anyone know a good dealer in Pune who can offer good price and can let me swipe full amount via credit card?
- If the dealer allows payment via credit card, can there be an option to purchase via online link so that I can use SBI Cashback CC ??
- My office is present only in one state, some taking BH series number is out of the question but is there any jugaad to get it somehow? From what I know, I can save some money on road tax, plus the freedom to take it anywhere else (I may move to Bengaluru for a job)
- Any more ways to save money and anything else to keep in mind?

Pune folks, need your help!

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Just for your info, as per the latest updates in BH series numbers, you must have atleast 1 interstate transfer in the past along with office in 2 or more states.

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okay, in any case my office doesn't qualify, doesn't even has office in 2 states within India but the inter-state transfer is something that will bring down BH series registrations due to this extra clause
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to fix vibration, ask mechanic to clean dust in clutch and variator

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this is Jupiter 125's problem from the beginning, you purchase brand new vehicle and it's there, it's just that you feel the vibration in your legs, that's it but it's just that it's quite evident and noticeable
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UPDATE (4-Jul-2024) :

I booked TVS Jupiter 125 (Disc, Alloy Wheel, Matte Grey) yesterday.

I had enquired with 3 dealers and all of them were imposing 1% extra charge on debit card and 2% extra charge on credit card. I went to the dealer that was on my office route as well as there's direct connectivity of bus too making it convenient for me in situations like giving it for servicing.

So, what I did was, I didn't want any accessories first of all, then I denied taking insurance from them as I saw it's way too cheap if purchased from outside, like Acko was showing almost Rs. 2.5k - Rs. 3k less than what the dealer was quoting.

I paid Rs. 50k in cash, for rest ~ Rs. 59k, the dealer agreed for payment via credit card at 1% and with IDFC First Bank Wealth CC, I would get 1.67% cashback (in form of RPs) since I've already crossed Rs. 20k mark this statement cycle. I tried paying via QR only to check if they've enabled payment via credit card or not and voila, they had it enabled, so, I paid Rs. 30k via Tata Neu Infinity RuPay HDFC Bank CC on UPI and rest approx. Rs. 29k via IDFC First Bank Wealth CC pleading that it's only a small amount and they didn't charge anything extra for that payment via credit card.

All in all, I could literally see it's a game of demand and supply. People are just ready to pay anything, whatever the dealer demands. The sales person was trying to teach me that credit card charges them extra for payment, to which I said, I know it all very well. The fact that credit card enables people to purchase more than they could afford is the fact that it charges merchants extra. If credit cards weren't there, people wouldn't be purchasing anything and everything but the scene at these showrooms are quite different.
It's actually hard to negotiate with them considering people walk in, say, I want this one in this color, pay the amount without even negotiating or even questioning the price breakup and simply walk away within minutes. If that's the scene, why would they even listen to me for waiving off extra charges on credit card payment.

Anyway, insurance part is the real saver though.

I need one help from you all. I have never taken insurance for a new vehicle ever. I was thinking to go ahead with Acko, is it good?
Is Acko from it's own website and via Amazon Pay same or different?
Anything else to consider?

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