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Horror movie Recommendations

Guys suggest some good Horror movies , Any language is fine.

Reply with all those horror movies which really got you chills , Let's make this thread a goto one for Horror movie enthusiasts on DD.  ghost ghost 

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...get real life...

Hunk Hunk
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The autopsy of Jane Doe


It Follows

Hell House LLC

These are the few I remember watching multiple times.

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Scary Movie 1

Scary Movie 2

Scary Movie 3

Scary Movie 4

Scary Movie 5


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#Scary Movie isn't a scary movie. 

BTW if want to see  good horror comedy movies here's my recommendation list:

1) Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.
2) What we do in the shadows.
3) Cabin in the Woods
4) Ready or Not
5) Evil Dead series

One more: Jennifer's Body.

These movies have different ratio between Comedy and Horror. A true Horror Comedy or Comedy Horror has to have both.
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1 . Maya (Tamil acted by Nayanathara) : not typical horror / comedy but had good story line.

2. Heza (Telugu) : different story line not typical ghost revenge movies.

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A lot of good suggestions. Do try out The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005).

It really creeped me out, being a real story. Generally in horror movies something happens to someone for a reason, this one was completely random. I kept thinking WTF, what if it happens to me? I was alone in the house and it added to the scare. These days horror movies are dozen a dime. You hardly find anything good. 

Some good recent ones. A lot might not be available in india, try these sites: 



Watch few indonesian ones to broaden your horizon. These guys know how to visually present hell on screen smile 

Impetigore (2019)

I have listed this from memory. I will further update once i can access my IMDB page. 

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Purana Mandir.

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Veerana 😘


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One of the best movies - Heriditary
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@Vijay_Thalapathy I recently watched Talk to Me. It's fantastic. And I have to say the story behind  making of the movie is  also an interesting story, made a by duo of twin brothers, Australian Youtuber s  (chanel RackaRacka)

Its Probably the best Horror  movie of 2024. You should definitely check that out. And l also watch a explainer/ breakdown video of talk to me, by YouTube channel 'Spikimab Movies' afterwards

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Correction:  I meant best horror movie of  2023*
Hunk Hunk
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"No one will save you" on hotstar is another good one.

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