suggest Toys for 3rd Birthday

Deal Cadet

Kindly suggest toys for my son’s third birthday.

Thought of bicycle, but no good deal as of now.

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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chle chaiya chaiyan wala phone 😄

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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talking clock (talk back time) or such device that gives out replies of basic stuf or has pre recorded sounds.

or get him into the habit of taking care of a bonsai plant or something (but it might be costly and children may or may not wish to break it off).

Something to encourage analytical mind.. some Lego bricks type thing or some jigsaw or other (metal type rings etcetera) puzzles.

@rubic cubes, or something he might enjoy in winters and can be used by you all too (unless punctured) such heating pads might be locally available in medical shops too.

It is friggin’ cool to look, but be careful .. as the reaction is exothermic.

These pads are otherwise very safe and helpful for aged or ill people too.

The heat retention and making the crystals go back to liquid state is very easy.

just need to put it in warm or hot water for 5-10 minutes.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Construction Site toys like Digger, Dump Truck, Cement Mixer, Cargo Truck etc. is a good toy option to gift to a 3-year dude.

Brands like Bruder, Tonka are expensive for this kind of toys.

Other brands like Ralleyz, CAT Construction, Centy are cheaper and much better quality (even though China made) than locally available Chinese ones. 

So take your pick based on your budget.

Another gift option is a Marble Run toy.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Thankyou everyone.

Others please give some more suggestions

Comrade Comrade
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Cycle hi best option hai
Physical activity bhi hogi

Baaki toys to 2-4 din baad bore ho jaate hai

Check offline stores

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Hero ki cycle lelo, 14 inch
Chk local store, should come under 3k

Gujarat Titans Gujarat Titans
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For educational purpose u can give Einstein box bought for my daughter and she enjoyed the same

Gujarat Titans Gujarat Titans
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Siddhartha07 wrote:


R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter for Kids of 3 to 14 Years Age 3 Adjustable Height, Foldable, LED PU Wheels & Weight Capacity 75 kgs Kick Scooter with Brakes

Deal of the day: Imagimake Mapology India with State Capitals – Educational Toy and Learning Aid for Boys and Girls – India Map Puzzle – Jigsaw Puzzle, 24 Pieces

Deal of the day: Wembley Kick Scooter for Kids 2 Wheels Steel Frame Large Foldable & Height Adjustable Handle Scooter Skating Scooter

JVM 260 Excellent Educational Building Blocks for Kids Easy to Make his/her own Design Model, Multi Color Building Bricks and Blocks for Kids.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Just checked local market for bicycle. Avon and Hero selling for 4k. Generic ones are around 2k but not worthy.
Will buy sometimes later if there comes online offer around 3k.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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My daughter played lot with it, not just couple of weeks. But you know better about your kids.

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