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I've had my eyes on Vu GloLED for a long time now. For 55 inches, it's available at a good price at the moment but I need a bigger TV for the experience even though 55 inches would also suffice.

The price jump from 55 to 65 inches for the same TV is a lot, thus, I'm in a split mind. For 55 inches, it's available at 36,499 right now, which is 1,500 less than usual price but for 55 inches, it's available at 55,999 ... Rs. 19,500 difference is a lot plus no offers at the moment.

Please suggest me something good, I can wait for Prime Day SALE in July but I've observed in the past that for 55 inches, price is usually 37,999 only and after using Flipkart Axis Bank CC, I'll get 5% cashback plus additional 3% cashback (upto Rs. 1k) using Grab Deals which would be a good deal in my opinion. But but but, I would really want a 65 inches one if I get it a good price.

Suggest something dimers.

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I have 55 inch hisense 4K tv bought jan’23. It’s google tv and I feel it’s lag. Goled also same thing. I suggest to look for LG or Sony worth every extra rupee we spend. If not buy projector below 20k and sure you will enjoy.

I don’t know your use case, but in general I found above to be good. I bought projector now will sell my 55 inch tv

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can you share more details on the projector

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GloLED is different from Cinema ... and the reviews are good for GloLED although will keep this in mind
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Tried looking for vidaa os TVs? some says its quite good and ofcourse choose a tv with 120hz refresh rate for pure bliss

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I find Google TV much better and cleaner than other laggy TV OSs
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I have used Sony's for the last 15 years and they have been trouble-free provided I used them daily. The only one that gave me trouble was the one that I rarely switched on once in a couple of months.

Last year I got the older model of this one and I love it to the bits -
I did pay another Rs 20-25k for 2 yrs of extended warranty for peace of mind since it was an expensive purchase.

I don't trust the Chinese brands for their durability at all. So, even though the Sony is pricey I consider it value-for-money. If you are going to go for Vu or anything that is not Sony, I strongly suggest extended warranty for at least 2 extra years by putting another Rs 5-15k for a 65".

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no budget for such high priced TV ... max. I can go is till 50k - 55k
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Instead of Vu GloLED, I'm considering Vu Masterpiece Glo QLED now. The price jump is big, it's a 2+ years old TV and runs on Android TV (I prefer Google TV which has a better UI) but but but, it's a kickass TV if somehow I'm able to grab it anywhere around Rs. 60k for 65 inches variant.

What's your take on this dimers?

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