Suggestion for hardy mobile less than 20k

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I wanted suggestion for good hardy mobile under 20k with atleast splash proof coating. As in metal body. Feels like honor and huawei have metal bodies but lack google support. So alternatives at this range?.. Good goriall glass front and back with aluminium frame will also do. Bought two lg g7 thinq at different times for 15k and 20k for family and they fit the bill perfectly. But not available at those prices anymore plus i guess lg g7tthinq will not receive much security update

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If you want hardy build then you have to look away from glass made phones. They are most fragile ones out there, irrespective of however hard the companies are trying to change people’s perspective.

You need a phone made by aluminum, but none available. Therefore your option is to go for poly carbonate made. Among that, Samsung M and A series phones are well built, maybe the Moto Fusion is well built too. I can’t speak for any Chinese phones. Nowadays no one actually runs a phone naked, thus nobody cares about its built, you too should fall into the same category and use a really good case with any phone you intend to purchase.