Suggestions regarding Mac M1 warranty extension

Deal Cadet
My Mac M1 warranty is about to finish. So buying a warranty extension would be good? If yes then where I can buy in best price.
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Hunk Hunk
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Naaah. Warranty extension ll be expensive 

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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I've been using apple laptops exclusively since 2004. Not once have I needed warranty. My current machine is 2014 MacBook Pro which I bought second hand in 2015 from eBay. Still works great. 

I don't think other high end windows laptops need warranty extension either. If it didn't break in the first year (assuming some manufacturing defect), chances are that it wont break in next 2 years either. 

Just make sure your laptop doesn't get hot too much and you should be fine. Considering M1 is really good at managing heat, a warranty wont be worth it IMHO.

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