Suggestions required for a good CCTV camera


Hi guys,

Any suggestions for a good outdoor CCTV camera? It's outdoor but has proper shade to protect from sun and rain. It's the first time I am trying to use a CCTV camera so need suggestions based on the following

  1. Wide angle
  2. Wireless (WiFi connected)
  3. Has internal storage and cloud storage
  4. Good clarity even if it takes a hit on number of hours of storage, if possible.

Thanks in advance.

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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I have Tapo c210 for indoor and Tapo C320 ws for outdoor . Its satisfactory so far. You can choose resolution as per your budget

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Do we have to pay for app? Even to view the feed and not use any cloud storage?

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you will find mostly chinese with cloud storage in chinese cloud. mi one is good, others around this price are also good.

Cool Cool
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I have this

Take a look at this PHILIPS HSP 3800 Wifi CCTV 360 degree Outdoor Weatherproof Security Camera on Flipkart

This is good. But won't work if wifi is not connected

Generous Generous
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all / most of wifi cameras are shit ... better gor for wired ones .. cp plus / hikvision are the best . 

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UnV, and Dahua are also good to go with.

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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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@raghupro -  If you are looking for wireless security camera, check out Tapo. Its good. 

Good think about these 'smart', wifi enabled cameras is that you could monitor them on the go using mobile app and also coule easily shift the location.

Benevolent Benevolent
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Just wanted to update for others who might be referring to this post.

Got 2 units of these for front verandah
TP-LINK Tapo 4Mp 2K Qhd(2560X1440) Outdoor CCTV Security Wi-Fi Smart Camera -Alexa Enabled -Weatherproof -Full Color Starlight Night Vision -2-Way Audio -Up to 512Gb Sd Storage -C320Ws- White

Got 1 unit of this for back verandah
TP-Link TP-Link Tapo C310 Outdoor Wi-Fi 1296p Home 3MP Smart Security Camera (4 Channel)

Got 2 units of 256gb SanDisk high endurance micro SD card for front verandah CCTV camera

Got 1 unit of 128gb SanDisk high endurance micro SD card for back verandah CCTV camera

Overall found few of friends and family using TP Link, also the outdoor ones seemed to be well balanced in terms of performance, durability, app compatibility and value.

As I want all the cameras to be under a single app, opted all from TP Link. Will add 2 more based on performance later.

As these are all outdoor facing, though under a proper RCC roof, I still opted for high endurance micro sd cards to have better longevity during summer heat.

Blaze Blaze
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you know u need to pay for app use right?
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