Swiggy One tnc Changed!!!

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Hi Swiggy One member👋

We are updating our terms & conditions soon. As per this update, effective Feb 6th, Swiggy One members can log into a maximum of two devices at any given time.

The Swiggy One membership is meant for personal usage. Implementing this change will reduce instances of misuse. This ensures we are able to serve our members in the most optimal way while still maintaining fair usage within reasonable parameters.

This change ensures that we continue to make the membership affordable for all customers and sustainable for Swiggy.

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Yes, it is official now.
The terms and conditions of your Swiggy One membership have been updated. Effective 8th Feb 2023, members will stay logged-in on two of their recent devices. You will be unaffected by this change as long as you continue to adhere to the two devices limit as reflected by your usage history.

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