Terrific Pathetic Unreliable Website - Stay Away from Bitfang

Deal Newbie

I Recently ordered a mobile from bitfang as i was forwarded from the Junglee.com Listed Stores

After my order next day i called them to ask about the probable date of delivery ,
Customer care responded that the product is Out of stock and my order is cancelled.

Till date No Refund has been Processed , Merely waiting for the refund.
They Cant atleast refund in 10 working days, Asks us to get back after 10days
incase it isnt processed, How come a customer know if it is processed its the
responsibility of the Bitfang to intimate us about the Refund Status

Pathetic thing is they don’t update the shopping list , Instead after receiving the order
They search for availability of Product, there are other Reviews on net where u find same
situation of people just waiting for refund after the cancellation/price hike scandal.

There facebook page is full of complaints/Refund Queries twisted

Waste of My credit card Interest ! evil

If you order from the Website Consider that you are in Trouble, Stay away from this Site !