The ONLY Smartphone award that makes sense by any Indian Tech Youtuber

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The most weird thing is iPhones during BBD sale are the best value for money phones these days. You buy an iPhone with 5G and AMOLED on BBD (12 series and above) and you'd buy your next phone at least 3 years from that time, sell off your old one at 50% of the its price and you'd be ahead of people buying phones with 16GB RAM 2TB ROM 6 cameras in the back with 200 petapixel main sensor, with 8MP ultrawide, 2MP telephoto, 2MP macro, 2MP monochrome, 2MP microscopic lens, 240W charging etc. 

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Someone said it right '5g is a marketing gimmick created by manufacturers to sell new chips & phones' joy
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I used to trust these guys before they made video about Flipkart's smartphone purchase plan wich was really pathetic paid content and later they made an apology video for misguiding people 

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Google pixel 7 pro is far better than iPhone 14 but nothing can be done when you want to impress iPhone users

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