They are CHEATER

Deal Newbie

One star its too much much for this website
They will lie to you on refund and tell you within 5 to 7 days but you will get nothing
My flight was canceld by the airline and now i lost my money beacuse this website its spam they only steal your money and also sell you invalid and cancelled tickets please dont book with them the safest way book with airline it self i am resident in UAE and going to file legal complain for all who are resident in UAE join me to file complain and shut down thier website.

Send me email and we will file legal complian
Contact also with ur bank to stop the transction we will shut this spam website off its under UAE regulation so we are safe they are. Not safe they are good only to steal our money without protecting thier back
I am going to print all the revwies and apply in court
Get ready clear trip you steal us we shut down you