Paytm compell you to use Paytm with Fraud

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I liked a phone worth Rupees 16499 before I could do the payment that Deals stuff site only gave me payment option through the Paytm so I transferred the money to my wallet and bought the phone.

No information, or notification till 3 days so I wrote to deals stuff and immediately they reimbursed the amount of INR 16499 in my Paytm Gift Voucher.

Gift voucher amount cannot be transferred to any bank it only can be spent. As I had to buy the phone I used flip cart and there they do not have Paytm as mode of payment hence I used my debit card.

My money approx. 17000 is block and I am not been able to transfer the same to my account this is sheer stupidity, I wanted my money refunded in my wallet of Paytm, however costumer care told as I have Minimal KYC hence for security purpose anything above 10000 gets transferred to gift voucher. While adding the money to wallet they do not have any obligation like this.

Now I only have to use the money I can’t transfer it to anybody or transfer it to my bank either. I would switch on to google pay which is much better. Trust this would be helpful for people who are user or might thinking of using this outdated app.

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Not really. They have to follow Govt regulations to comply. They are not doing fraud, they are asking you to do KYC. Nobody is keeping your money, either spend it on PayTM or get KYC and then ask for refund on bank.


paytm is the fraud company ever……because they are hungry for money the depatrment of kyc and costmer selling department also useless because they give fack promises to solve ours querry but actually they dont..and they are careless to solve ours querry….onces the costemer pay money then any condition they never refunded even the product have 7 day return and replacement policy they will wast your 7 day replacement time because they want to jobsheet and costemer care certificate add etc..and they wast time of 7 day replacement time and i can tell you guys…paytm company’s policy is not bad but actually too much bed..whole bed and dirty… to another company like amazon and flipcart are good policy and more conviennt
so i suggest you guys ..never buy a product on paytm shopping app….i suggest you you can buy a product on amazon and flipcart because they are tooo much good than paytm policy and f**king sheet….