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I bought vu led tv of 50 inch in aug17 , believing that I m choosing best TV in the market, but in less than 2 years in may19  it stopped working, so I registered a complaint at  customer service to rectify the problem, their Engineer visited nd asked 600/- as visiting charges which I paid him(although i wanted to get my tv repaired, normally visiting charges are adjusted in repair cost if you agree to repair but in vu they charge visiting charges in all conditions), later he told that motherboard is not working and will hv to replace nd I will be charged approx 5000/- RS. For it, for that too I agreed , and after 1 week same Engineer came with respective part nd tried to repair my TV but later he told that your motherboard is ok, nd it’s panel (screen) is not working , and I can’t do anything on it so it proves vu have appointed most road side engineers  who can’t even diagnose the right problem, he took 600/- RS. For which I got nothing as he is unable to repair my TV ,so i mailed them again asking solution which they replied saying they can either replace my screen at the 26k cost or replace my tv with charging me 26k by taking my old tv too(i purchased my tv too @ 26k 2 years back), although same tv was available in 23k on Flipkart, so in total i pay them 3k extra plus my old tv which still has scrap value of 3k, so here also they were trying to loot 3k+3k, so beware all by this so called fraud  company tv which will stop working just after warranty and you will no option but to dump it in dustbin.
  Do we buy large appliances like TV , fridge, washing machine for just 1-2 years nd they become zero?? Off course not ,so better buy brands like sony or samsung at least they have a good customer service when ur gadget stops although they too charge an amount but definitely it cannot be more than the product itself

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Same happend to my lg 43 inch TV


Same happened with my Micromax 43inch tv. They asked TV price to change panel. So we decided to let go. nd bought new other brand TV.
So basically TV lasts for just few years, if u maintain properly without voltage fluctuations.
Also everytime they close previous complaint and create new one, if spare Parts not available. As complaints have to be resolved within certain days.


Same happened with me after the warranty period over.My tv did not switched on when i called a customer care they told me they will charge 700 Visting charges and then will decide what is happening. A local repairmen came in 300 rps and checed and told me its dispaly board not working and should be replaced fully with 3000 INR. very much dissapointed. sucha cheaters


If you think this is happening with vu only then you are wrong.
My friend purchased a sony tv at the premium price and his fate of tv was same like you.
Its hard to repair these tv and if something goes wrong its almost waste of money to repair them


Did you bought extended warranty ?
Were you using stabilizer?


I bought VU 50 inches full HD TV in 2017, from flipkart.I have also take additional warranty from Flipkart thirdparty. Recently It startded giving trouble on display. when I complained to the VU company, and told them my tv panel problem, they send a local mechanic, he opened the tv and announced it was panel problem and asked Rs. 900/ for visiting charges, after listening to my words he took only Rs. 300 and says the panel cost is Rs.20,000/-. it is the same cost I bought the TV. What can I do?


Same happened with my sony TV. they asked 26k for panel replacement. Also the engineer told me that now all LEDs have only 2 major part. If power supply is proper they diagnose that either motherboard or panel has gone.

My local repair shop person told me that don’t go for brand for basic model. If your are going for higher model than only choose brand. Else every brand is providing same material.

jazz09 wrote:

Did you bought extended warranty ?
Were you using stabilizer?

Any TV stabilizer suggestions?