This Google Pay - Go India thread is Bullshit, Stop posting your ticket requests in that thread.

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Google Pay — GO INDIA – Live Now Please Visit https://ddime.i...6P

This Go India thread on desi dime is bullshit, people are posting their ticket request links like bhed chal (following the crowd blindly) nobody is actually getting benefited by blindly posting request links on this thread expect the OP.
People are requesting something and dimers are gifting some other tickets which has not been requested, and this is the case with almost everyone. I feel blindly commenting your requests links will not help you infact it will make your job more difficult.

We have to make or ask admin to make separate threads for each rare tickets such as nainital, gaya, goa, kochi etc. Then only the the traffic will be less and and people will get what they actually wanted. I request all dimers to please stop commenting on that go India thread it already has 17k comments.
Please share your thoughts on this.

Somebody tag admin in comment section. Let him know this.

And by the way if you have extra nainital and gaya please dm me. Thanks in advance