Transaction happening even with wrong CVV

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Transactions on my SBI Cashback Card is happening even with wrong CVV.

Is it happening with anybody else too ?

what should I do?

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Give proper title for the threads. A better title is "Transactions fof SBI Cashback card are succeeding even with wrong CVV"

I haven't checked though.

Contact CC and Better disable the card for a while.

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For tokenised Cards (Saved Cards), Entering Wrong Cvv Works... For Non-Tokenised Cards Then Payment Will Fail With Wrong Cvv

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Yes, there are only some specific criteria they need to validate. Sometimes it's CVV+OTP, Expiry Date+OTP, or CVV+Expiry+OTP, etc.

It's random, so you can not say that this will work every time. And this happens for every bank.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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tokenized cards don't need cvv. check blinkit it directly shows that which amazon/flipkart do not show

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RBI says 2 factor authentication 

(CVV or PIN of the App) and OTP works... as it provide 2 layer of security. 

PayZaap dont even ask for CVV. as PIN of the App make sure of the 2nd level of security 

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