Trick to get 200 extra discount on all products on a sports shop

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How to get 200 extra discount on a store.

Step 1 – sign up as affiliate
_Fill this form
> use name, mobile number , and a link to social channels to complete sign up as affiliate
> Social channel is not verified- you can submit any channel
with 10k +followers
- do not submit any hot shot channel

After sign up you should get a discount code

Step 2
Shop with discount code

-Use different name address mobile number to sign up and add a product to cart
-Use the coupon code you got from step 1
-Apply coupon code and you will get 100 rupee discount.
- after you pay note your order id and contact the store with orde details from step 1 account e-mail address


Ask the store to release the commission early as you give extra discount to buyer
You are not sure that you will pay at all, you don’t trust him
Or some other excuse

They will say that you have to wait a month but tell me you can not and you need it now and give them payment details

I get paid in 6 hours after my 3rd email.

Product cost-
548 ( belt plus hand grip )
Paid – 448
Cashback – 100
Total paid – 348 for a product of 548

Source Instagram + 🐕 + june holidays are comming need to lose the weight 😅😅😅
And what is karma everyone talking about?