Turnover calculation for futures & option traders

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As per Anish singh takhur , (fast forward video at 11.40)

Per lot, nifty turnover buy+ sell = 150,000 (span margin + loss or profits )

If this calculation is right , in intraday if we trade in 10 lots nifty futures sell+ exit same day then turnover is only loss or profits

& In options selling calculation will be same ? For 1 lot nifty option sell & exit after on expiry day turnover will be 150k + profit loss right ?

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Margin has no role in turnover calculation at all.

Zerodha's calculation is perfect, just absolute values of profit and losses have to be taken for futures.

Same for options.

This blog has an example - https://groww.in/blog/how-to-calculate-f-and-o-...

Income tax has no clarity on this point but this mentioned calculation is beneficial as it reduces the turnover. 

I am not sure of the credibility of the person in video, but he might be having his own legal resources to support his calculation. 

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Yahi janna tha, ke fnO pe kitna tax dena pdega, it's clear ke income tax slab ke hisab se dena pdega, jisme 5L tk tax nh dena h, and jyada profit hua h to phle ke loss se offset kr skte h... plus1🏻 pray🏻
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