TV light bleeding issue - 4k LED TV LG 55


It's a 4-year-old TV, and it has only recently started showing this light bleed issue from the edges. The corners, in particular, are getting worse day by day. This wasn't the case earlier; perhaps it was already present, but it might not have been noticeable. Is the panel going bad? or is there any workaround to get it fixed by DIY? 

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say bye bye to it or be ready to spend loads of money to get it repaired

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May be the outer frame has lost its binding or gaps developed around frame due to excessive heat caused due to long usage. I think once a LG service engineer told me some frame binding or similar to arrest the bleeding. Might cost around 2500 to 3000. The same problem exists in hisense 4k tvs as well

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Try it and if it doesn't work, your TV may require temperature conditioning.

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