Twitter user mathematically ‘proves’ Pakistan bat worse when Ramiz Raja is on commentary

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Twitter user Waqas Ahmed employed ‘conservative sequential sampling’ to derive that Ramiz Raja’s presence in the commentary box means that Pakistan lose a couple of wickets even before they begin their batting.

Waqas tried to use sampling data in the absence of actual data to arrive at a conclusion. He took five random matches between 2015 and 2021 to check how Pakistan do with the bat with Ramiz Raja on air. The results were startling as he derived that “Pakistan would lose 2 wickets without even taking the field” if Ramiz was on air.

“If he does 30 mins commentary per session and if we take five minutes per over in that time frame, Ramiz basically commentates for 18 overs per day (if he’s in the commentary panel and if Pakistan are batting),” Waqas told.

The strike-rate (if he were seen as a bowler) is better than what the average bowler has against Pakistan in the last five years, funnily making him one of their biggest threats when batting. stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes