Link inactive UAN account with aadhar

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Hi friends need your guidance for claiming pf amount from inactive uan.

My sister has two uan-
1. Active uan with aadhar linked which was allotted by previous employer.
2. Inactive uan , aadhar not linked. Allotted by 1st company.

Sister is currently not working in any company.

Since UAN is inactive I can't login to that account and to activate it Aadhar should be linked but aadhar is not linked( which can be linked by logging in to uan account).  So stuck in deadlock.

Company is in Mumbai but sister is residing in Bengaluru so not possible to go to regional epfo office. Also company is not helping at all just provided inactive uan number and not providing any other info.

Please guide how to withdraw this pf amount.
Expiring In 15 days
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