unable to do full kyc dhani

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I have referred my friend for dhani cashback card today
.he downloaded the app and registered with mobile number
While applying for free cashback card, after entering the pan number and promo code he is getting the error oops pan details entered do not match with the applicants details.

Please help

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You need help (refferal earnings) 🤑
But God is with ur friend (saving him frm dhani scam) warning

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There will be no solution. Ask your friend to forget dhani for this pan. He can create new account with other mobile, mobile number and pan. But this pan will never work. No use of bang your head with dhani customer care. Those useless animals could not resolve my one of same pan issue from last ~14 months.

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I tried it for the very first time yesterday in order to get a new Rupay card for the Amazon shopping offer and every time it showed some issue with the Aadhaar XML. I uninstalled it promptly.