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Longtime Amazon user and I ordered 2 items on the same day to be delivered to my hotel front desk. I have done this many times in the US with zero issues. Neither of the 2 items I ordered were delivered but the shipper of the second item not only listed the item as delivered DIRECTLY to me, but that I SIGNED FOR IT. Both of these are lies. I chatted with Amazon customer service and the first item was credited and they are working on crediting the second one. Amazon needs to use better delivery services, I think they are criminals.

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I bought lg 43inch tv through amazon site it came to my home they fixed and gave demo everything is done perfectly but after two weeks display is not working properly so I called lg service they came and told us display is gone and they are ready to replace display but I don’t want I bought new tv why should I use warranty and I am not satisfied with this . so i called amazon service center for exchange. really I got disappoint. they told us within 10days we will exchange otherwise we can’t .that tv MRP rate is 54k but they are not considering if product worth is less than 20k means it’s ok. If I bought in showrooms definitely they will help us to exchange but you guys make me really disappointed. Why you are not considering the price of product . If Worth is less means ok I can go with optional but… even I didn’t pay full amount 1st month emi only I paid.

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