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Hot Deal Upcoming IPL Contest | Predict and Win with Mayavi

Upcoming IPL Contest | Predict and Win with Mayavi
Happy colorful Holi to everyone
Giving back to community

Basically I come up with giveaway idea with some contest, with total prize amount of 10% of my dimes (which I have redeemed + earned). As discussed with @bumblefoot earlier, he mentioned that cant transfer dimes from one account to another account and suggested to give Amazon GVs.

I had a plan to run a contest with prizes of some small GVs, but don’t want to run on a single day which will not give enough chance to everyone. So, I decided to run a contest (mostly luck based and some fun) to decide/pick winners. Since I don’t have much knowledge on Hollywood/Bollywood movies, I planned to consider cricket matches (which most of the Indians are interested and also aware of that). So I picked IPL (which starts from April 9th). I would like to ask questions not based on facts every time, rather it would be funny and not easy to predict (so that it will not favor anyone who have good knowledge on cricket)

Ex: Who will take 7th wkt in this match? Who will be the striker/non-striker on 11.4 overs?
(I can ask lot more questions in this way and which will be fun to answer , not easy to predict also)

For this contest, Total prize amount will be around Rs.500-1000 (based on Dimes earned as I mentioned earlier). I can’t run this contest daily for 60 matches, so make it easier for me – I planned to choose 1 team and to cover all their 14 league matches with 2 prizes per match of total Rs.50/match (30 + 20), which makes 50*14 = Rs.700
So, I am picking my Favorite Team here KXIP, it means all matches which involved KXIP (match day) with my fun questions here (Now added polls to select team, based on poll results, i will stick to that team 14 matches)
3 questions will be posted for every match day, first 2 dimers who will predict correct answers will be the winner of that match day. 1st prize- Rs.30 GV, 2nd Prize – Rs.20 GV

Also, there are some people who don’t like Cricket/not much knowledge. Based on that I have decided to give some consolation prizes for participants those who haven’t won any prizes from the beginning (any GVs from start of the contest till end) will get a chance to win a consolation prizes (random draw).

Admins are also allowed in this contest. @Mj911 @Priyanka @Rosh_0007 @ankur2.0 @admin and all others

Appreciate everyone’s comments/thoughts/suggestions (Request: Try to add in English, if not at least with Translation)

Planned Rules:

  • 3 Question per match day
  • 2 Winners per match, those who predict earlier (if more than 1 dimer answered all 3 as correct)
  • If no winners for that day, prize amount will be carry over and for next matches it will be added and winners count may get increased or prize amount will get increased for that match day
  • 1 Dimer can’t win more than one prize in a 1 day (2 separate winners per day)
  • One can predict any number of times (can’t edit once posted**), but only last prediction will be consider as a valid entry.
  • One should predict answers 10 mins before official Toss time of that particular match
  • For eligible to get a chance in consolation prize draw, dimers need to participate in at least 10 matches without winning any prizes (Prize can be around Rs.50 with 3-5 winners)


**Once everything confirmed, I will create separate thread will Final Rules and ask admins to make it sticky(non-editable), so that it will be transparent and also easier for me to choose winners as per rules.

Now added polls to select team, based on poll results, i will stick to that team 14 matches as Match day

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Contest Update & Alert (April 7th, 05:15PM)

Final thread created for contest

Good luck to all

Planned Match Day Schedule:

Based on vote results, MI & CSK have almost equal votes of 22 & 21 respectively (at the time writing this), as expected.

So, I picked 14 Match days from these 2 teams playing matches and considering at least 1 day to 4 days gap between match day

Day 1: April 9th, MI vs RCB

Day 2: April 13th, KKR vs MI

Day 3: April 16th, PK vs CSK

Day 4: April 19th, CSK vs RR

Day 5: April 23th, PK vs MI

Day 6: April 25th, CSK vs RCB

Day 7: April 28th, CSK vs SRH

Day 8: May 1st, MI vs CSK

Day 9: May 4th, SRH vs MI

Day 10: May 8th, RR vs MI

Day 11: May 12th, CSK vs KKR

Day 12: May 16th, CSK vs MI

Day 13: May 20th, RCB vs MI

Day 14: May 23th, MI vs DC && RCB vs CSK

There are 3 prizes and 3 winners per match day (DD team also added more prize for this contest, initially i planned Rs.50/ day, now its doubled )

1st Prize: Rs.50 Amazon GV | 2nd Prize: Rs.30 Amazon GV | 3rd Prize: Rs.20 Amazon GV

Don’t want to carry over prizes for next day, so adding some rules to decide winners on same day itself (even if no one predict all 3 answers as correct),

3 Questions will be asked for Match Day.. (not easy to predict but can be possible considering more participation and combination of result possible)
1 Tie-Breaker Question (easier to predict like who will win toss, who will be winner, which team bat first etc – less possible answers)
(This will be only considered, if no winners by answering 3 questions)

For Example:

If any one predicts, all 3 question.
Then that dimer will be the winner FCFS (based on latest answer of the dimer), no matter whether dimer predicts correctly or not for tie-breaker question.

If no one predicts aall 3 correct, then Tie-breaker answer will be considered along with other answers.
Those who answered correctly for atleast 2 questions(any 2) along with Tie-breaker question will be winner FCFS (based on latest answer of the dimer)

Thanks to @bumblefoot @Rosh_0007 @MJ911 @Priyanka and all other admins

If anything unclear or any suggestion, please mention it.. Final post will be created tomorrow with full final details..

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Special Note: people of Tamil Nadu are also eligible to win prizes


No one.. literally no one can predict with @Mayavi stuck_out_tongue win to dur ki baat hai.. laughing

Jokes apart, it seems to be a good contest and thank you a lot for planning to manage it for so long. Hope you get nuff love and support to carry on this good deed. sunglasses

Voted up! plus1
Karma Pending.. innocent



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Vu for ur efforts and this contest is actually very good than our desidime game during IPL…sorry admins sweat_smile


Sry but m not a fan of IPL anyway thnx for d tag grinning plus1


Vu and Kp bro… blush
Keep spreading love, fun and happiness… innocent blush

Mayavi wrote:

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You could have asked me. I am always there to help u @Mayavi stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

kiranparepally wrote:

Fav team Kxip, y bro y no csk

If everyone supports CSK, then who will support other Teams smile
Sehwag is my All time favourite, so started to support the team he has been part of smile

Mayavi wrote:

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Very well planned and nicely detailed. Thanks and kudos to your efforts👌

Total_Fun wrote:

@Mayavi is free from any Maya ( like money or dimes) grinning

No bro he has another source for winning GV during IPL stuck_out_tongue (That he won’t reveal) smile
Now he is doing some charity to balance his luck laughing


when is flipkart Predict win starting stuck_out_tongue

BTW – VU for thread and this contest

bdatta1981 wrote:

Very well planned and nicely detailed. Thanks and kudos to your efforts👌

Thanks bro smile

Total_Fun wrote:

@Mayavi is free from any Maya ( like money or dimes) grinning

But I am not giving 100%, only 10-20% stuck_out_tongue