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have to pay carpenter for repairing few things. have read on dd and other places that many of them run away and stop answering calls later. if i pay thru upi then if things go wrong then is chargeback possible? which bank has good support for upi chargeback?

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Chargeback may not work in such cases/can be very hectic.

Better choose the genuine/trusted carpenter OR negotiate to pay after work is done OR pay as per the progress. (We mostly pay them after the full work is done. And they never ask anything in advance.)

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Banks won't usually help with such contractual problems bro. Chargeback is primarily for frauds.  I never heard a case of UPI chargeback for any other reason apart from some online scam.

Since it's for repair I don't think carpenter would ask advance ,atleast here they don't. Advance is only for bigger works like creating wardrobes or other new furniture.

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charge back purpose is not that, and bank's work is not to mediate between you and carpenter:) 

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Chargeback is only for commercial txns (aka merchant UPI must) & frauds (police report required). If doing personal transfer to somebody on their personal upi id then it is all your responsibility. Btw, I live in NCR & even here carpenters take/prefer cash.

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do not pay in advance 

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Bro do not pay in advance for any such work. Always pay for work completed upto your satisfaction.

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If you live in a metro city then its better to go to a furniture store that looks like a local one...they mostly have in-house manufacturing of furnitures and they have carpainters on payroll.

There you can pay the store owner using UPI and get receipts as well.

In a non-metro city, hiring a carpainter is much easier and they accept payment after work.

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Pay only partial amount initially then rest after work complition.

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