UPI Global - Your UPI apps support International Merchant UPI payment by 30th September, 2022

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UPI Global – Your UPI apps support International Merchant UPI payment by 30th September, 2022:

Compliance timeline for International Acceptance using UPI (UPI Global)

NPCI introduced International merchant payments acceptance through UPI vide NPCI/UPI/OC – 93/2020-21 dated 4th September 2020 with the subject “Introduction of International Merchant payments through UPI (UPI Global)” and mandated the ecosystem to implement this feature by 31st December 2021 at the issuer and UPI app-level vide NPCI/UPI/OC – 117/2021-22 dated 8th September 2021 with subject “International merchant payments acceptance through UPIUPI Global”.

Following the issuance of the aforementioned circular, it has been observed that many members/ PSPs/ TPAPs have breached the mandated timeline and are yet to implement UPI global at-the issuer and the UPI app level. In view of the same, all member banks/ PSPs/TPAPs to enable UPI Global latest by 30th September 2022.

Ecosystem participants to take note of following in this regard:

1. Once enabled for one country by the issuer bank, PSP and TPAP, there should not be any need to do additional certification or change for any incremental country by all participants in the transaction flow. Even if the QR standards differ for a country, by means of QR translation table at NPCI, every ’incremental QR can be read by the UPI app without
needing to change the app or certification.

2. The incremental work for additional of country, shall be only be done by NPCI i.e. certifying and connecting to the country’s or partner’s infrastructure, the rules and regulation compliance including the settlement guarantee mechanism etc.

3. Final compliance timeline for all apps, issuers and PSP’s shall be no later than 30th September 2022. In case a member or TPAP fails to comply within the above-mentioned timeline, NPCI will take appropriate penal actions.

Members are requested to take a note of this and circulate to their partners at appropriate levels.

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