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What is UPI lite?

UPI LITE means the service provided to you by your Issuing Bank whereby low value transactions can be carried out using an ‘on-device' wallet; and is a Feature enabled on the BHIM App.

UPI LITE Balance means the virtual ‘on-device’ balance enabled by the User from the Account, to perform Transactions using UPI LITE on the BHIM App.

 * All your Accounts linked to your UPI IDs may not be eligible for UPI LITE. You can enable UPI LITE for one Account only in the App.

* The upper limit of a UPI LITE Transaction shall be Rs. 200/- and the total limit of UPI LITE Balance shall be Rs. 2000/- at any point in time or such other limits as may be prescribed by NPCI, from time to time.

* UPI LITE Balance can be replenished by making a top up Transaction i.e. allocate / add more funds to UPI LITE from your Account.

* In the event your access to UPI LITE is disabled, the unutilised UPI LITE Balance will be credited to your Account by your Issuing Bank.

* UPI LITE can be accessed, and UPI LITE Transactions can be carried out, by simply logging in the App downloaded on your phone by entering your phone/device biometric or pattern validation details.

* You understand that separate Authorisation or UPI PIN is not required for carrying out Transaction using UPI LITE.

* UPI LITE Transactions other than top up Transaction will not be displayed in the statement (pass book) of your Account.

* You will receive SMS once a day for UPI LITE Transactions from your Issuing Bank containing history of Transactions carried out during the day.

Banks live on UPI lite:

* State Bank of India

* Kotak Mahindra Bank

* Punjab National Bank

* HDFC Bank

* Canara Ban

* Indian Bank

* Union Bank of India

*Utkarsh Small Finance Bank

~ UPI lite is available only on BHIM app. 

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