Urgent : Help Needed on International Trip

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Hi dimers,
ย ย  I am visiting Netherlands and Denmark on a business trip for 7 days. I want to continue using my JIO sim, to continue receiving SMSs and other OTPs. Also, I want to have calling facility so that I can call hotel or cab driver etc in case of emergency or doubt. I browsed through Jio international roaming packs but they totally confused me. Their customer care is not allowing me to speak with REAL HUMAN, and after tired listening to IVR bot, I am asking my doubt here.
Please suggest me a plan based on my usage as mentioned above. Its urgent as I have to travel on day after tomorrow.

EDIT : i also need internet to browse google maps and mail checking
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Option 1:ย 1102 recharge for 28 days
Option 2:ย Standard PayGo Rates


So depending upon you use, data you can opt for either of them.

I had opted for Option 1 while travelling to Singapore but option 2 while travelling to Dubai (Max charges per day on callย was Rs. 50 for call, rest whatsapp calling using esimย worked for majority of time)

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Ok, in this 1102 plan, only calling is there na? How to use internet then?

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Activate yourย International Roaming well before your travel...ย 

Also, I do no think that you need any special international plan , just top up your existing number, activate international roamingย and use itย 

So, if usage is not too much, avoid any specific plan, use your mail balance... i thinks rs2 / minute are charged

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This will help i guess. If I need internet, then I will buy a cheaper sim there, and activating just the international roaming will allow me to receive sms. Thanks

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just activate international roaming and recharge 1k, call rates are cheap

use wifi and local sim for dataย 

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Thanks brother. This helped !
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no need for any additional pack or anythingย for jio.

Just keep balance, and activate/enable international roaming, that's it

per minute calling is 2 rs, both incoming and outgoing to any Indian and local Netherlands number.

Wifi is available in most fo train/bus and places.

or get a sim here locally (lebara or lyca or odido), cheaper option and will work in denmark also. Just make sure to take the one which is monthly terminable.

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Activate ย Lyca e-sim as soon you land in NLโ€ฆmostly 10 Euros and that will cover everything- call local and international, internetย 

i visit every 6 months and have done it most of the time

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