Verify all and then go ahead

Deal Cadet

Till date, I have ordered 3-4 times from this site.

First few were for Kurti offer came on Cbazaar.
Latest i did order in last week(June 2013) for Sarees and dupattas.
My experience for all orders is almost same as given below:

> Products: There is lot of variety in Indian products. However there are few facts one need to understand about products:
a. Listed Prices are more than the equivalent products you will get in local market.
b. Its Ok to purchase in offers, especially 40-50% off, as after that I felt the price is worth.
c. The product shown on site reflects good quality, however by touch and feel and later by couple of washes, its not as nice as you felt while buying.
For example: I purchased 4 Kurtis which were quite nice in Photo but after receiving, I found material was average. After few washes, it looked like old clothes. Later I purchased couple of sarees and I got that one of those was much dull and material was cheaper for given price. Dupatta: was mentioned as silk cotton, and shiny on photo, but in actual it was nowhere around silk(I feel some synthetic material and average cotton blend) and lack of shine.

> Shipping: They shipped earliest and reached to me in moderate time.They are NOT shipping through well known vendours, but they mentioned otherwise.
It took 8-10 days to reach the product; however other leading sites can do the same in 3-4 days for my location.
> Packaging : Good. Inside normal pack, they provide additional bag with chain(Similar to saree cover), which is useful for organizing your clothes in your wardrobe. this is one plus point of Cbazaar over others.

  • Chance of future purchase>*: with caution and multiple checks….
    Considering current purchases, I am less likely to purchase more, except some solid tempting offers.

> Customer Service: Good. I tried their chat and the persons were quite co-operative in providing answers.
> Returns and Replacement Policy: Average…not in competence with other leading sites.
Some leading sites provide absolutely great shipping policies. they do reverse pick up and refund the money or vouchers as per your preference.
Cbazaar provides 100% value in vouchers, however in case of refund, they deduct 100/- for card convenience. Probably they deduct shipping charges too, but their following statement is confusing to me.
" Shipping cost would be deducted for refund, since we offer free shipping all over India."
Its all mentioned on site, so its not something surprising to you. so better read all and go ahead.

> Website’s Ease of Use: Average: That way its basic to search and use. Few filters at left hand side do help, but considering high volume of product, they need to think on more filters and sort options.

So considering all above things, I am not much positive for cbazaar, but will go with them if any solid tempting offers come.