Visa card maybe work with other network or UPI network

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Visa card maybe work with other network or UPI network:

recently i heard this news – Visa pushes to make its network interoperable in India

Global card payments major Visa Inc., which has been riding on its closed loop payments network, is now pushing to make its network interoperable, and expand acceptance points to offer a spectrum of digital payment options in India, said a top executive.

Calling it the ‘network-of-networks’ strategy.

The company is also in talks with various payment players in the market to make end point acceptance infrastructure interoperable.

“At present, we are also working to open, close loop quick response (QR) codes. Hence, on scanning the QR with a bank and payments app, Visa credentials stored by the customer on the app will pop up. This means we are expanding the scope of payments, giving consumers more options. It’s no longer an us versus them strategy; it is us and them,"

“In ‘network-of-networks’, the transaction can start on one network and end on a different one. And for Visa the priority is that a user should be able to use their preferred payment service at whatever terminal and acceptance point whether domestic or internationally seamlessly,"