Wall mount recommendation for 65inch tv

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Looking for a good quality wall mount. Many options I see on Amazon for as low as 500 rupees.

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Post Emperor Post Emperor
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Buy from the company itself.... Call them.... They will send a technician with your TV's compatible wall mount

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Been trying to reach Samsung and they have no clue. Kept saying technician will visit and then only they can tell price 🤦

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I went with this.



Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Which TV and How easy is it to access the ports? Could you please share a picture from back?

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Benevolent Benevolent
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Bro, I hope you have determined the VESA pattern and weight of your TV to ensure that your wall mount is compatible.

Wingman Wingman
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Wall mount comes free with TV. In my case technician from Samsung brought with him during installation. Offline store (reliance digital) didn't send the wall mount while purchasing the 65 inch TV and declined their in house installation request. Later they created installation request with Samsung

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Good to know. Do Samsung charge anything for installation? I've purchased from Samsung website. What do I do if the technician refuse to do wall mount or ask money?
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