Washing machine top or front load around 20 K budget

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Please suggest a Washing machine top or front load around 20 K budget. Thanks


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Go top load... Consumes more water but it requires less maintenance and will long last..

Brand..LG/IFB/Samsung/Bosch.. which ever you like all of them are good..

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Top load 🎩

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For best wash and lint free clothes after wash get front load. Samsung or LG

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phor goodness sake, lint-free tou mat hee bolo भई!
Agar hamari 6.5KG capacity, direct dive (no fanbelt, directly the disk with copper winding which costs 8300₹ to replace), inverter type machine mein 'lint' naa nikle.. tou machine aap ki.. saath mein chaai naashta complimentary.

Goddammit it uses hardly half a bucket of water.. first of all.. to wash, to rinse an average (medium) liad for most types.
Like for garments, not talking of linen, duvets.

Then if fibers are there, like in cotton garments, bottom cloth or stuff missed in pockets.. it gets stuck in the drum itself . 65%-70% of the time.
For example, coins often found in the closing gasket or the drum.. if forgotten.

My last memory of top loads is that they had user removable lint filter.. which collected ALL debris below a certain size.. as water was continuously passed through the filter.

Also the hard water or usual scaling on the gasket or in the cabity.. which houses the drum.. sometimes deposits more muck on the clothes if we hand washed our clothes (say: chaddi, baniyan) and then put it in for rinsing or spinning.

Kam paani ke chakkar mein.. in the fad/ (alleged) social responsibility craze of using less water.. it ends up creating new situations.

Also, now i invariably prefer (Indian made) Henko (powder) instead of Ariel, Surf for front load.
Ariel, Surf liquids are okay-okay, but their powders are caustic soda or what! Clothes .. costly ones, delicates get ruined in 6-8 months if washed regularly in machine with 60°C setting. Stuff like coloured cotton shirts, colour fades.
The normal handwash powders and I hope the top load ones are not so harsh even if (cotton fabric) washed in 95°C - 100°C water.

But otherwise yes, in fancy households
and especially if it has drier functionality too.. then front loads fit in better.

But with hard water even the water dispenser tray needs to be taken really good care of.. else the debris remains stuck in the softner compartment and gets pushed right i the end.
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I would suggest Bosch brand 6-7 kg front load.

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Thanks for your suggestions

Deal's Advocate Deal's Advocate
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Buy  IFB front loader at offer time, available @ 20k. Only company offering 4 year complete warranty.

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In semi automatic, pretty sure that Midea, Voltas/Godrej did/do offer 5 years.

ReConnect (Reliance private brand) too had few options.

Vise (Vijay Sales' private label), Haier offer 5 years all-inclusive warranty and Haier even has products with 12 years warranty on the inverter motor, unless I am mistaken.
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