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I have done AMC for my water purifier which cost around 4k/Year. It is a kent maxx UF + UV purifier.

The service guy replaces both Carbon/Sediment and UF filer once a year and replaces iron guard (outside) filter once in every quarter.

Machine is completed covered. Any defect he will do the parts + service free of cost.

I live near kolkata. Where TDS is  Around 340. (Shifted from a place where TDS was 200 so bought this.)

My questions are
1. Is it worth ? I think I am paying extra.

2. What you guys are doing or how you are maintaining your purifier.

3. As TDS is greater than 200 , should I replace it with RO? , is RO safe to drink or it lacks minerals?

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Instead of doing AMC and buying new RO, get rented RO.

Check livpuresmart with lowest plan as 399 (monthly) or 349 (if you pay yearly) + card offers u can apply which gives you new RO, everything covered AMC wise with unlimited service, parts etc. I'm using it from last 2 years without any issues. Check my review thread. Also, this comes with mineralizer, which helps preserve key minerals in the water during the purification process.

TDS ideal : 50-120

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i dont think its worth it .i drink my own boring water no purifier or some other bs never get sick or anything ,all these water purifier company doing is just scam common people 😌

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Bro skipped science classes pensive

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1. Yes, worthy.

2. AMC. I use LG. Costs around 6k I think.

3. How did you test? You should test tds at every water source point in your home and then average it. If you already have 200 tds then very likely it would be crossing 250 on your lucky days. You should use RO. You should buy purifier that have a mineral booster. You don't need minerals from water. The food that you eat everyday provides minerals too. You should be more worried about drinking excess minerals in water than not having minerals or less minerals in water.

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My area not has rental service any idea for low cost.

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