We hope that our Dimer friends and their near ones in Tamilnadu are safe!

Deal Cadet

Cyclone Mandous has weakened after moving inland.

But the wrath and damage has already been extensive.☹️

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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satraghav wrote:

Thanks for the concern. It's raining whole day, but not much damage near our area. sunglasses

Thank you for updating.

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Yes, 🥺concern is real.

Good to know that most of the people might have food and shelter and homes safe enough to withstand the elements.‏

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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DRI wrote:
Yes, 🥺concern is real.

Just day before yesterday.

Much after sundown and cold winter breeze

... while walking by on the nearby, dimly lit or often no street lights lane..

I got followed by a street mongrel🐕.

She was cold, probably hungry.

I literally heard her teeth/jaws chatter🥺😢 in the shiver.

Couldn't do much.. had some food packet in my bag.

But not even a towel to wrap her or any shop or tea stall to give her warm milk.

She did not eat.

Was probably seeking comfort or protection.


I felt miserable, hapless in not being able to do anything more for the doggo.


And at the same time.... so thankful that I got human birth and all this power of speech or other things that we can do.



The least we can do.. is watch out for our own species, our own kind too.

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