What could be the possible reasons?

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Recently linked our SBI bank account in Amazon UPI interface and trying to pay SBI Credit card bill using the linked Amazon UPI payment mode,but the payment is failing every time we try.Even after entering the correct UPI pin,money is not even getting debited from the bank for the failed credit card payments.Credit card bill amount is around 5000 Rs.

We are able to successfully recharge mobile and do scan and pay,send money transactions using the same Amazon UPI payment mode during that time and only credit card payment is repeatedly failing.We also checked to pay Credit card bill of another SBI credit card and the same issue is persisting.

@abhishek012 @androgame Is there any limit on the transaction value for newly created Amazon UPI account for the first 24 hours which is repeatedly triggering this issue?What could be the possible reasons?

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Try with smaller amount ( 1-100) and see its working or not.

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These limits varies from bank to bank, in case of PhonePe-Scb There is limit of 5000 max for first 24 hours

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Yes there is limit and it takes quite few days like 5-6 days to get full limit.
Experienced this during CRED offer and even after 3 days 5K bill could not be paid, after a week I guess everything was normal.