What do you think of posts where they sell stolen codes



I would like to know if posts like this recent Zomato codes are encouraged in this forum?
According to me this is just pure stealing from people.
And people who sell stolen codes “get some work” . They are doing the work of a thief. There is no wrong in calling such people Thiefs.

This has more impact than you think.
If someone lost his code today , he will think I will also cheat and get someone’s code tomorrow . If this kind of thinking in people increases it is harmful in a society.

I really would like the your opinions . Especially admins as they are the ones who can take down such posts.

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I think they’re doing social service. Ppl who don’t have anything to eat, can now afford fancy meals from cities top tier restaurants.
and the ones who lost their coupons, just had to put in complain that they received an invalid code, hopefully times or zomato will provide them a new. It’s win win situation for all
think about it, this was all pre generated codes, it’s not like they were specifically generated after someone won. Technically no one owns them at this point
it’s more like one of those rare occasions, when u shop on online, they send u dummy (rejected), and u ask for replacement. You won’t hold previous owner accountable. Instead u blame Amazon for the mess. so why not here