What I Have Learnt From Investment Gurus

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Deal Hunter

In my study, no Investment Gurus’ (Warren Buffet/ Jhun Jhunwala or Anyother) bought Blue chip/ Large cap Stocks or Megacap Stocks and become Billionaires. Instead they bought good fundamental with Good Management Small Cap stocks or Microcap Stocks. As they predicted those small cap stocks become Large cap stocks or Megacap Stocks in future.

To Warren Buffet, Coca Cola & Apple Shares given very good returns with massive dividends and he till holding these stocks with good percentage.

To Jhun Jhunwala, Titan given massive profit with good dividends, and today also he holding around 10crore shares in Titan.

Both(Warren Buffet/ Jhun Jhunwala)  While buy those stocks are Small/ Micro Cap only.

I don’t have guts to buy microcaps but I have some prediction of future large cap stocks. I have given those names aswell. Give your prediction aswell if possible and give your thoughts aswell

Future Large cap Stocks with very good Management as per my knowledge/ Prediction


This Post is only for Educational & Analysis Purpose & I am not recommend to Buy Or Sell Any Stocks.

We are not SEBI/IRDA registered. The information provided herein is for education purposes only. We will not be responsible for any of your profit/loss with this channel's suggestions. Consult your financial advisor before making any decisions.
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MapmyIndia, a digital mapping company whose data powers Apple Inc.’s Maps and Amazon.com Inc.’s Alexa in India

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Good to read your learnings. Here are the things that I learned.

  • Investing is a long term game.
  • Investing is not difficult, it is simple but involves a lot of complex factors. And there are lot of things that should go in your favor. 
  • Investing requires superior insight which comes only with experience.
  • I read one story where a senior investor made a great amount of wealth in Kotak bank, but lost a good amount in Yes Bank. So markets keep teach everyone a lesson
  • You’ll amass wealth by portfolio sizing. Allocating more to your winners, cutting down on your losers.
  • It’s super hard to beat market. You’ll do better than 99.9% by staying in the market.
  • Real wealth is acquired by the power of compounding. 

Markets allure many participants for the sheer amount of possibilities it offers. But one must carefully evaluate how much time he/she can allot, whether one can generate alpha in the long term. For most of the investors, a low-cost index fund will do the work. 

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My understanding tells me that don’t go by these investment gurus. If they were that smart then why are their portfolios not growing at same pace as they did in past? I think you can’t make 100x without a high amount of speculation involved + surely insiders info + high amount of research done ( as they invest 100s of crores). I remember one marquee investor video where his lakhs turns to crores (30-50x) in very short span (in 90’s) but yesterday when anchor asked him now from 1k cr to 10k cr how much time it will take he says at least 6 yrs ( then changes the time frame to a decade). Now he must had 1k cr portfolio pre 2020 fall so I am assuming his portfolio now to be 2.5k cr. So 3x money in 10 yrs time frame ( around 14.5 CAGR including dividend). So even this marquee name realize the returns profile which he can expect. Also The argument that they have too big portfolio to grow at fast pace now isn’t correct because now with that much funds they can take complete ownership of this microcap companies by buying them at dirt cheap price ( nearly most of the small cap and micro cap were beaten down in 2020). Now many of them are 10x of those price. So at least some Indian marquee investors portfolio would have grown to a lakh crore for a few of them if they were that smart.

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