Trans clinic whistleblower makes shocking claims about the harmful side-effects of drugs given!


 A whistleblower is speaking out after spending four years working at a trans clinic for kids, where she claims teenagers are prescribed harmful drugs they have no understanding of, after being coerced into transitioning because it's deemed trendy. 

Jamie Reed worked at The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children's Hospital and was responsible for patient intake between 2018 and November 2022.

In an article for The Free Press today, she says she took the job with the intention of 'saving' trans kids, but that she believes what is happening amounts to 'permanent harm' on young, vulnerable children. 

After four years, she says she became convinced the clinics were harming kids and families, whose understanding of the realities of the medical side-effects involved was scarily poor. 

Doctors acted as though they were more entitled to make decisions than parents, says Reed, and only one parent's consent was required in cases involving minors. 

Reed cites examples of a 17-year-old girl's birth canal allegedly being 'ripped open' when she had sex while taking testosterone to transition to male, unaware that the drug would cause her to bleed extensively through her clothes if she had intercourse. 

In other scenarios, she claims teenage girls were terrified when their clitorises turned into micro-penises while they took the drugs. 

Some psychiatrically 'disturbed' children from juvenile detention centers were also presented because they had 'at some point' expressed an interest in changing gender. 

Among those patients, according to Reed, was a boy who'd been sexually abusing dogs. 

'Somewhere along the way, he expressed a desire to become female, so he ended up being seen at our center. 

'The way the American medical system is treating these patients is the opposite of the promise we make to “do no harm.” 

'Instead, we are permanently harming the vulnerable patients in our care... what is happening to scores of children is morally and medically appalling.' 

She describes seeing a sudden, sharp uptick in the number of young girls 'demanding testosterone', sometimes presenting themselves as 'clusters' from the same schools. 

Reed perceived a 'lack of formal protocol' at the center, and that doctors ignored the fact young girls lied about having other illnesses and prescribed them hormones. 

She reveals that in order for a young girl to start transitioning to male, all she needed to do was see a clinic-recommended therapist once or twice and obtain a letter of support for their decision.

That therapist was often given a template for the letter that was written by the clinic, according to Reed.

'Frequently, our patients declared they had disorders that no one believed they had.

'We had patients who said they had Tourette syndrome (but they didn’t); that they had tic disorders (but they didn’t); that they had multiple personalities (but they didn’t). 


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Thanks for catching up on it finally.

This is already a big issue overseas.

As in, the intersex or trans are indirectly still being influenced by the religious and moral brigade and at times heinous crimes (as I call it) are committed by giving them exceptionally high doses of the chemicals, hormones they ought not to be given.


But still, like here.. there too.. the moral lobby and the right wing lobby is strong.


Chalo then, see ya in the 'lock, delete, suspend , post in moderation' section... where this topic may eventually land up.


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