What is the best demat account in India in terms of charges, services, and facilities?

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Currently i am using zerodha ... from last few month it has many bugs as you know... which one i should consider now ?

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Major Full time brokers are best for services

have to pay respectively

Discount brokers hmm try Fyers

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bugs ?

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I have used Zerodha from 2020-22. I did nt encounter in their accounting nor dmat (I am mostly a short term day trader or BTST (max hold a week) . Last 2 years Iam trading only via FINVASIA. (shoonya) . no commission for trading stocks , and commodities like  silver, gold, natural gas , crude oil . highly organised. withdrawl request by 4.30 p,. 7.30 pm incoming RTGS hits my account. Sardarji  co is safe for ₹2-3 million account also.

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What's primary activity you are planning i.e. Intraday, FnO, etc OR just long term investment?

What all bugs you are talking about? Not faced any recently.

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only investments of monthly 15 k in stocks that is long term 

Required zero amc , zero charges

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