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Admins accept this post please.
This is not my real desidime account, i am a deal cadet, don’t want to share this using my primary account for some personal reason

I feel trapped. I feel trapped in my thoughts. I am a CAT aspirant and gave my 2nd attempt this year. Last year i scored pathetic(80 percentile), this year i could not focus as much as i wanted but still gave the exam. Got my score(Not percentile) but expecting 99 percentile plus(according to all the institutes). My life should be going uphill from now on but i am afraid i have fallen in a pit. I never seem to be self satisfied. I always waste my time on phone(like this). I am addicted to my phone and i have tried all sorts of things but i never seem to curb my addiction. I am addicted to this deals and offers kind of stuff. I am addicted to to desidime. I can waste my time for the Rs. 50 discount, but never seem to convince myself to work hard for that lakhs of package which could be very close to me. I hate the unproductive, useless human i have become. I need that child like focus who could wake up at 4 in the morning and study entire day, who would work hard. I just feel i have lost my focus(maybe because of the the stupid virus).
I might not reply to any comments.

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U r too shy to say what is in your mind u have everything for livelihood bt unable to find peace of mind with anything… Reason could be u have just studied books, nothing u hv learn from real life people In this manner… Don’t ever try to avoid something it will bounce more in your mind… (In this mental state don’t share this with your parents coz they will get worried & make an environment that will be unacceptable for u) Spend some time in listing to “satsang” (stop watching motivational speaker like Gur gopal das, satguru, Atul maheshwari) whatever it’s been called in your religious…. If u came here to chk responses on your thread with your cadet account then u hv your answer… U can pm me anytime if need any help…

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Wouldn’t you will feel much happier if you are able to make use of any deal on your favorite Desdime to buy something with your own earnings?
If yes, then focus on your education and career first. It’s not about making lakhs of rupees in the long term but it matters more that you make yourself self-sufficient (aatma nirbhar)

Neither this site is going down nor are any of the deals. Both are perennial. Simple. smile

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I dont know if my suggestion will help u or not but it did help me alot when i wanted to focus on my studies and work. First of all dont think of your smartphone as a distraction. Rather make it an useful device that helps your growth. Forget about digital well-being kind of apps which put restrictions and then it makes u want to use it more desperately. start testing yourself on your own, use laptop for browsing it reduces the amount of time u waste on distractions.
As far as desidime is concerned just set notification alerts for things u NEED to buy for yourself n your family and be rest assured that you’ll get notified when something relevant comes up. No need to keep checking it.
I used to spend hours on trivial gains earlier then i realised this. The way we learn time value of money, we need to learn money value of time. The amount of time i may spend for saving rs50 on recharge or Something i could have analysed performance of a companies share and could have made much more profit than this trivial saving..
And as many dimers have pointed out that there are no loot deals these days you should not be having FOMO. I understand theres a different joy of savings on online Shopping but just focus on what u really need and check deals n treads only when you’re buying something based on the need n not just because it has come in the deal.
I hope it helps u and me too because while writing i realsed i should not be checking my phone so often.

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An Addiction can be replaced by another addiction . If you like to use smartphone that’s fine but use it for your studies like watch educational videos on youtube and when you get bored try listening music. By saving few pennies you are loosing lakhs or may be crores. Focus on today and tomorrow will be better blush

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Back in the days, I used to have a Nokia Asha 200 as my back up phone which I used when I transitioned from one smartphone to other (those few days between selling the current phone and getting a new phone). I somehow used to enjoy not being burdened by a smartphone when I used Nokia Asha. I just used to keep it somewhere in the room and forget about it until I get a call. No constant checking of email, no constant checking of WhatsApp, no constant checking of Facebook etc.

We consciously know that the world won’t end even if we don’t possess a smartphone lately but our perception is such that we just can’t proceed in life without constantly being nudged by a smartphone to keep checking something or other.

In short, try ditching your smartphone and move to a feature phone. Might be worth a try.

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What’s wrong
U can still get 99percentile if u r working hard no matter phone/desidime addiction.
Even if u don’t use phone/desidime u won’t be able to achieve ur feat if you dont do hard work

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U have problem and u know solution – just do it
DD can be scanned for deals and other things in just 15 min say twice a day – other things like WA FB u know how to control

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Take a break. Go to some hill station or place where network connectivity is poor (slow enough to make opening a webpage frustrating enough). Spend a few days just chilling, relaxing, enjoying nature. Uninstall the apps (with logged-in accounts) which you feel are source of distraction. Only use webpage login everytime you want to use it, making it harder than just clicking the app. Not using DD extensively for a few days should do the trick.