What should you do if your credit or debit cards are stolen?

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Is it possible to retrieve them?

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report to bank and block it and order re-issue of card

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Eat 5 star do nothing

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block and replace with new card with new details.

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Retrieve - very unlikely

Once you block, anyway banks will ask to get new one

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Create a new post in desidime.

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full on mood me ho bhai aaj tum.. sbki le rhe dhundh dhundh kr

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Case 1 :

You realize that your card is stolen or missing, immediately turn off domestic and international transactions. Now whoever has taken your card, it's of no use to them. If it's misplaced, gives you all the time in the world to find it and you'll be saved from card replacement fee and the turnaround time involved if you're able to find it.
If it's stolen and you've promptly disabled both domestic and international transactions, you can wait for the thief to return back the card because humanity is still alive.

Case 2 :

You've turned off international transaction on your card and the thief attempts doing an international transaction on your card, you check your SMS/email, realize that the card is missing. Now, in this case, you can follow steps mentioned in 'Case 1' or simply block the card as you're least likely to get it back.

Case 3 :

In this case, you'll automatically realize that your card is stolen as soon as see that SMS of debit transaction using your card (most probably an international spend). So, in this case, you'll be saved if you've turned off international transaction which I always follow. So, either turn off domestic and international transaction immediately or you may choose to block your card right away. And as soon as possible, report about this fraudulent transaction to your bank so that you're more likely to get that money back.

I've covered all the possible scenarios, hope it helps and was a serious question. If it was for sarcasm, I've typed a lot by now and there's no point in deleting so much text, thus, posting this anyway 😇

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