What the FAQ - Covid 19


Getting Restless and needed to ask these things as its looming over my mind from the beginning,

1. Why? At the first place Lockdown like situation was created when it could have been avoided by taking strict precautions by quarantining the people coming from abroad! they can track each and everyone moving in and out. Ordering things from alibaba never reaches us untill blessed by the Indian customs officers!

2. We as a localite knew about this via news, internet, fb though not much info but we had an idea, now imagine what sort of information the big ones had that time? the higher officials were sleeping or what I guess the health minister should have been on his toes for such kind of pandemic disease but he failed!

3.First case of covid 19 reported in India was in late jan 2020, well 2 days notice for Janta Curfew, 3 days notice for lighting candles but mere 4 hours notice for 21 days lockdown??

As a kid we learnt “Prevention is better than cure” but THEY didnt prevent it from being entering our neighborhood and we are yet to find a cure which makes it more depressing.

your thoughts please.