What was your maximum loss booked ?

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In stock, FNO or anything else...  how much loss did u booked in your last financial year.?

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Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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How much did you harvest? I did small <10k...

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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40% capital in one day. I was 17 years old and trading options for the first time on my mother's trading account. and I don't know about theta decay. i keep averaging far out of the money option. but my capital was Rs 10000 and there was loss of around Rs 4000.

Critic Critic
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Friendly advice, stop spending time on stock mkt & start focusing on your education/career. If you don't get a good job after college graduation then all this stock mkt activity will be for naught.

Critic Critic
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100%. I was new to options and was misguided by my PF manager. I had seen options going from single digit to 3 digits in no time. So in the hope of making big I bought puts heavily in the morning after looking at a 15 min bearish candle. Capital involved was 1.5Lacs. EOD it stayed around 1.3Lacs and next today became 20k something after a pull back. In the hope of existing at least at 1 lac I kept holding my position. It was a monthly expiry and only few days were left when I entered. Next day 10k and and the very next day before expiry it became 1-2k and I exited with peanuts.

Deal's Advocate Deal's Advocate
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-40,000 rs in January and February, March not traded.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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-1,26,000 in FNO.
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